About ResQu>>Ark

ResQu>>Ark is a unique system designed by ThinQuity Enterprise Private Limited for PRAYAS Team Environment Charitable Trust, to manage their animal/birds/reptiles rescue work. This system was born in January 2009 as desktop application and with the years it has been evolved to web based system which can be used by any NGO working for similar cause.

ResQu>>Ark is a system to establish link between actual rescuer and the animal/bird/reptile to be rescued using the intelligent mapping of skills and the location of rescuer

The unique features of ResQu>>Ark are as below,

ResQu>>Ark is mainly aimed to,

ResQu>>Ark is mainly aimed to,

Who are behind ResQu>>Ark

ResQu>>Ark has been evolved by ThinQuity Enterprise Private Limited since 2009. In year 2012, PRAYAS proposed this idea in the Dragon Den competition help at the India For Animals Conference IFA 2012 of FIAPO at Goa. The entry won the award for the innovation in animal welfare and PRAYAS team was entrusted upon the develop the system for creating an online system that all NGOs can use.

PRAYAS Team has shown their commitment to contribute by empowering the rescue organizations with a tool that will not only help managing rescues and data well, but also provide the power of reporting and analysis so that they can grow according to their need.

And in a following similar conference, IFA 2014 at Jaipur, this system has been launched to be available for any organization working for same cause.