Timeline & Roadmap

Year Description
2009 This year PRAYAS had launched mega awareness campaign in public towards birds getting injured because of cutting edge of kite threads. From the response of the campaign PRAYAS had estimated huge amount of calls on the day of Uttrayan. And that is where the need of system has been generated that can assist PRAYAS Team rescue controller to handle the load. A desktop application was evolved with a name 'Call Catcher'. This system served PRAYAS Team well and helped them to manage rescue calls in tune of 100 calls per day with around average 5 minutes of rescue reporting time and 13 minutes of Rescue turnover time.
2010 This year we moved our database of the system on internet and made our desktop application talking with data on internet. This has given us flexibility to made real time rescue statistics available on our website. This has made us to provide real time transparency of data to the world.
2011 This year we have developed the similar system in web based platform so that no-one will have to install desktop application on their node to use it.
Along with that we have also done the geo-mapping of all areas and made our visual rescue dashboard on Google map. This is our achievement for our committeemen to data transparency. We have also built SMS integration to the system to allow our controller to talk with system using SMS. And to let our system send details to rescuer using SMS.
2012 This is a milestone year for us, as we have published this system as idea to be used for all similar organization to allow collecting rescue data and to provide proven know-how on how to manage rescue work scientifically. We won the award and we got a green signal from FIAPO to go ahead converting it to be used by multiple organizations.
2013 This year we gave it a name "ResQu>>Ark" and we used this new platform for our emergency control room in Uttrayan. We have started using this system for 24*7. Previously we were using this system only for Uttrayan emergency but from 1st January 2013, we have started using system for each and every call. This had made us to log and provide accurate data of our rescue work with real time statistics availability. This outcome has proved to be a game changer.
2014 This year we have started working on developing mobile platform talking with our system. We are in development phase and will be launched very soon. In September 2014 at IFA 2014 event, this system has been launched officially welcoming all rescue organizations to take advantage of the system.
2015 We have released mobile app on Android Platform for volunteers who goes to attend actual rescue call.
2018 We have released new UI which is mobile friendly as well for our admin control pannel
Year Ahead Key features in the pipe-line are,
  • DIRECT Geo mapping where system will identify nearest rescuer by his geo-location and suggestion will improve.
  • Nationwide communication and co-ordination platform for animal welfare organizations/federations.
We welcome everyone to contribute by giving suggesions.